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Re: difficult to isolate problem - browser access to router has problems on on machine but not other

Indulekha wrote, on 17/04/12 00:44:
Arthur Marsh<arthur.marsh@internode.on.net>

Yes, gtklauncher from libwebkit on each machine.

Probably worth a try with elinks (or opera or iceweasel or
some other "proper browser"), as libwebkit purports to be
"made to be embedded in other applications, such as mail
readers, or web browsers." It may not your best bet
in this particular instance...

I tried chromium and iceweasel and a few other browsers and still had the same problem on the AMD64 machine.

I also bought a replacement realtek 8169 NIC and tried that, with the same problem on the AMD64 machine but no problem on the Pentium4 machine running the i386 version of Debian.

I'd like to try a different chipset network card in the AMD64 machine next.


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