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Re: Get to the bottom of what is running my networks

On Jo, 16 feb 12, 15:40:32, Harry Putnam wrote:
> I'm curious when you say you are going to be using embedded openwrt on
> a router to run a dns server; Do you mean an honest to god real DNS
> server running bind/named (or similar).  I did notice that bind
> software is available for recent builds of openwrt.

> I don't know about it to hazard a guess myself but I guess you don't
> think the small amount of available ram will be a factor in a dns
> server or web server of your lans' proportions eh?

Actually the size of the lan shouldn't have anything to do with it, but 
rather the expected traffic, which I expect to be very low.

> That would be a very nice kind of server to have... the size of a
> smallish book, quiet, no fans running, not much heat... nice. 
> I wonder if you'd know if mine could do the same by these two ouputs:

The specs are very similar to mine, but you will have to test for 
yourself. I was hoping to be able to use it for internet radio with MPD.
Unfortunately my favorite station is streaming in AAC and the processor 
is not powerful enough, but mp3 streams work great ;)

Kind regards,
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