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Re: Get to the bottom of what is running my networks

On Mi, 15 feb 12, 22:13:07, Harry Putnam wrote:
> The second subnet is not really expected to be used for full lan/wan
> networking just yet.  The ethernet address on LOCALHOST matching the
> second subnet is on eth1, and is really only being used
> to access a pet router (TP-Link WR1043ND) I am playing with using
> openwrt OS software.

Unless ifupdown is smart enough (don't know, you have to research this) 
the "second" DHCP might override the default gateway of the "first"[1]. 
Assuming you may want to connect other devices to the OpenWrt you 
probably don't want to tinker with it's DHCP server and should handle 
this on the client side. Useful reading:

man interfaces
man dhclient.conf

[1] "first" and "second" in quotes because I have no idea how ifupdown 
decides which is the "first" interface (file order? activation order?)

BTW, in a similar situation as yours I decided to connect the OpenWrt 
device (Asus WL 500gP v2) directly to the gateway via one of the 
"lan"[2] ports and with a static IP in the same subnet. This way I can 
use it as just another device on my lan and plan to use it as DNS and 
web server.

[2] most devices of this type actually implement the "wan" and "lan" via 
vlans and it's very under OpenWrt to disable this functionality and use 
the wan port as just another switch port.

Kind regards,
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