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Re: Get to the bottom of what is running my networks

On Wed 15 Feb 2012 at 12:57:24 -0500, Harry Putnam wrote:


> Honestly it is confusing... surely there is some straight forward way
> by now on this modern of a version of debian to simply work with the
> tools that control networking...

There is: ifupdown

> Command line is my preferred idiom, but anything would be a good
> start.

No - you do not want anything.

> There must be a quick and easy way to start stop cleanly without major
> study and scrutinizing of vast man pages or such.

Some reading is unavoidable. In fact, it is essential.

> Can anyone provide a simple step by step procedure?

For what? You haven't descibed the network setup and what you want to

> Another distro I've used worked with a simple 
> /etc/init.d/net.eth[0-9] start/stop/status
> And a brief and easily understood configuration in /etc/conf.d/net.
> Do we have anything similar?  A basic underlying control mechanism
> that supersedes any add-on gui bunkem?


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