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Re: ReInstall of System borked Admin Pwd for Apps

Tom H wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > But all released versions of Debian always install both a root account
> > and a normal user account.
> > ...
> > If you install Debian Stable Squeeze you will be asked for a root
> > account and then a normal user account. Debian doesn't install sudo
> > by default.
> True by default but if you set an empty root password using the
> regular install or skip the creation of a root account using the
> expert install, sudo's set up.

What?  Yes!  You are right.  And I was most definitely wrong about
things.  I owe Stephen Allen an apology.  I have been blowing past the
root account setup so many times that I haven't actually been reading
it.  And mostly I preseed it away anyway so I don't even see it.  But
I have seen it often enough that I should have caught up to the

I removed all preseeding and very carefully walked through the
installation and yes it does say that if no root password is set up
that it configures sudo.  I did that, no root password, and yes it
automatically installs sudo and configures it for the user.  I started
Synaptic from the GUI menu system and it spawned a slightly different
dialog from the normal root, I could tell it was different, and asked
for the user password for the gksudo.  Typed in the user password and
Synaptic was launched okay.

Like Kyle, "I learned something today."

Now the question is how is this case configured for Synaptic?  In this
case the user is not installed in /etc/sudoers.  But it does add the
user to the 'sudo' group.  And in the default /etc/sudoers file it
includes this line:

  # Allow members of group sudo to execute any command
  %sudo   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

So that explains how users are set up to use sudo in that installation
case.  However I haven't looked to see what configures Synaptic to use
one method or the other for authorizing the user.  I will research
that and report what I learn.  It would be good to know about it.  But
no time at the moment.  Maybe not until next Monday since I will be
away from the keyboard all weekend.


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