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Re: Unable to create either bootable USB flashdrive or CD/DVDrom

On 12/08/11 17:50, Christian Jaeger wrote:
I run Squeeze on the computer where I prepare the usb flashdrive, and
Lenny on the computer where I want to install mythbuntu (the T61).

Thank you for the clarification. I did spend some time trying to work
out which computer and OS you were referring to - and it is relevant.

I don't think asking fellow Debian users about compiling software on
 Debian is offtopic.

It's not.
From memory you asked about an Ubuntu package usb-creator -
the OS you compile it on is irrelevant unless the issue is the compiler,
which it's not.
If you have problems with your car do you ask for help at the mower
maintenance shop? Not only is the car mechanic the best person to ask -
it's good manners. If the car mechanic is not answering your questions
get another mechanic. It'll make the other people waiting to get their
mowers repaired happier - and it'll keep the car mechanics honest.

I have checked Arnt advice by setting the boot flag on the partition
 "but got the same result as before".

Which is not helpful feedback. We offer to help because we wish to solve
the problem - not just for you, but for anyone else who wants to know
the answer. Providing detailed information helps you and others.

If you provide detailed notes on what you've done, and on what, then we
can quickly solve the problem.
HINT: when different approaches result in identical outcomes, the cause
will be the one thing that remained constant (it's your Thinkpad). Try
testing your USB stick on another machine.

I've checked where I remembered your name from, it's from the thread
 "How to get Bell Canada 3G USB network up?". I've much appreciated
your participation and help there. (Actually I'm still owing a
followup there, and I know it, but I've been very busy.)

I have (remotely) set them up for several people, on Debian, without
problems. It still remains to add a final parameter that forces only
high speed connections.

So I'm not sure how I got this criticism today.

It's a matter of context. This is not the triumph of optimism over

Possibly I've started to be too sensitive for this "we don't want to
hear Ubuntu" business;

Well... yes.

I got this a couple times in IRC, and as I said, I increasingly
think some people are being too quick pushing people away.

That's your opinion, and you deserve it.
Do you call the mower repairman a "hater" when he suggests you take your
car to the mechanics?

I think it hurts Debian and the Debian community. That's just my two

Please keep your 2 cents - there is no such coinage in my country ;-p
That Ubuntu (and it's spinoffs) users feel the need to ask for help
within the Debian community does not speak well for the Ubuntu community.
I'll happily pay $10 for every Debian user that seeks help on *any*
Ubuntu forums if you'll give me $1 for every Ubuntu user that wants help
here. It's not a fanboi issue - it's just that people subscribe to this
list to read about Debian, not Ubuntu. Most of them use Debian as their
main distro so can't help even if they wanted - and others, myself
included, have wasted a lot of time with people who pretended to run
Debian in order to get us to do their reading and research. That's time
we can't spend helping people who *do* use Debian - which is
definitely *not* good for Debian or the Debian community.

In the interest of not feeling hurt myself anymore I'll just wear a
flame suit from now on, so, fire away if you like.

Now that's just foolish... ;-)



“I’ve been on what I call my UFO Tour, which means, like UFOs, I too
have been appearing in small southern towns in front of a handful of
hillbillies lately. I’ve been doubting my own existence”
~ Bill Hicks

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