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Re: Unable to create either bootable USB flashdrive or CD/DVDrom

On 12/08/11 13:33, Christian Jaeger wrote:
Many of your answers are rather aggressive, I won't reply to those.

Bah humbug, and bully for you. Your questions were answered, any remaining issues are your own.

It (the .iso) is a single file. Recursive does not apply.

This is how I read it, too, but unetbootin does it different, it
copies the *contents* of the iso (like mounting the iso then cp -r).

Perhaps mentioning unetbootin instead of complaining about the Debian installation manual *which has nothing to do with unetbootin* would have been a good idea. You seem to confuse unetbootin (never a great tool) with other methods of booting from USB devices (GRUB will also boot .iso images).

When I say that the Ubuntu question is relevant for me as Debian user,
it's because Debian's tool to create bootable USB sticks from iso
files (unetbootin) doesn't work as it should. I'm entitled to ask
fellow Debian users about questions I'm having about using Debian,

Indeed, when that's the case. You said did not install the standard unetbootin package from the repository. And you can't seem to decide whether you are running Lenny or Squeeze. And your inability to compile Ubuntu packages on Debian isn't a Debian problem either.

and I'm getting sick of this anti-Ubuntu-support stance.

Then ask questions about Debian on a debian list. People subscribe to this list to read about Debian - don't dilute the information.

Your problem with unetbootin has been answered, even if you're too rude to follow Arnt's advice.

And I'm sick of people who ask questions but are too rude to follow the answers or even give feedback on their experience.



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