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Re: Fwd: Billion 7800N

On 6 August 2011 01:25, Gavin Elliot Jones <gavin@grassfield.co.uk> wrote:

I'm not sure I understand when you mean "was it detected during the
install procedure".

What I was asking was if it was detected during a new install of Debian, or was it connected to an already established O.S.? 

For the 7800N there wasn't anything to install. I simply plugged the
rounter into the power adapter then connected a laptop directly to it
via an ethernet port. If I remember correctly I had to manually set the
laptops IP address to initially talk to the 7800N in order to turn on
the DHCP server. Once that was done I connected the 7800N to my network
and all my computers were able to communicate just fine.

I can't get anywhere near it to configure anything.
It's looking as though I have a bug of some sort in the operating system.
I might have to try a new install.
Looks like the only option left.
Tried to ping and tcptraceroute with the only reaction either way 'No network present'.
Long process getting back to SID with a Lenny disc.

Thanks for your help.


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