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Re: Fwd: Billion 7800N

On Fri, Aug 05, 2011 at 11:52:41AM +1000, Heddle Weaver wrote:
> Did you get your modem installed onto an already established O.S. or
> was it detected during the install procedure.
> My /home is on an external expansion drive and I'm considering a
> re-install if that detection procedure would pick it up.
> I'm sure that once it had been detected, there'd be no further problems.
> Thanks,
> Weaver.

I'm not sure I understand when you mean "was it detected during the
install procedure".

For the 7800N there wasn't anything to install. I simply plugged the
rounter into the power adapter then connected a laptop directly to it
via an ethernet port. If I remember correctly I had to manually set the
laptops IP address to initially talk to the 7800N in order to turn on
the DHCP server. Once that was done I connected the 7800N to my network
and all my computers were able to communicate just fine.


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