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Re: KDE4.4 desktop customization for multiple users.

On 05/08/11 04:16, Sthu Deus wrote:
Thank You for Your great work You have performed, Scott,
among other You wrote:

I copied the files as root to /etc/skel in the first place.... so
permissions are as they should be. No chmod required

NOTE: I don't have session saving enabled and I remove all histories
before copying the modelusers .kde files to /etc/skel. All this does is
allow me to have new users inherit styles, themes and configs - *not*
enforce non-default permissions.

I still can not understand the permission problem - how You bypass it -
for, having copied the model user files and having some of them, the
dir.s permission set to 700 (for example, ~/.kde/share)
- how a newly
created user can ever read from those dir.s and copy the files/dir.s to
its home dir.?

When you, as root, copy those files from /home/modeluser/.kde the ownership changes from modeluser:modeluser to root:root So in your example the directory /etc/skel/.kde/share remains 700 (40700) - it's only the owner that changes.

By default, when a new user is created a new group is also created, and a home into which the contents of /etc/skel is copied, then ownership is set to the new user, permissions *don't* change - just the *ownership* eg.:-
chown -R newuser:newuser

Which, makes the permissions as they should be. eg:-
/home/newuser/.kde (40)700
/home/newuser/.kde/share/config/session/kmix_string (100)600

I do not need a script to perform such simple task here (sorry, but
others may ever need it as it is stored in the list archive) - just
want to understand how things work.


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