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Re: KDE4.4 desktop customization for multiple users.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Scott:

>I usually just selectively copy as root from the "model user"/.kde/
>so that /etc/skel look like:-
>NOTE: with the exception of the /apps/dolphin directory the complete
>contents of all the other directories is copied.

What do You do w/ session-related files, like, for example,



which dir. You too have as it is shown on the pic. and it keeps some
corresponding to the app.s configuration? Simply removal of the files
looses the conf. and keeping them makes very same session numbering
also the numbering is stored in


at least.

>I never bothered to work out how to avoid running kaboom - which just
>takes the new user a couple of clicks to get past. If you mix things
>from other DE's your mileage will vary.

No. I do not.

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