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Re: KDE4.4 desktop customization for multiple users.

Thank You for Your time and answer again, Scott:

>> What do You do w/ session-related files, like, for example,
>> /home/user/.kde/share/config/session
>> kmix_1234c1b368000131186278700000017450007_1311923580_463075
>> konsole_1234c1b368000131186348500000017450011_1311923580_463856
>> kwin_1234c1b368000131186277940000017450000_1311923580_530078
>I copy all of that directory eg:-


>I don't edit them - so they should match ksmserverrc

OK. For me it works as follows:

. when I use /etc/skel - it does not work at all - but problem here is
that I need manually (do You know how to perform it automatically) to
change for every dir. permission as 555 while as for the files - 444.

. when I simply copy the skel contents to a user home dir. I get kdesu
trying to obtain authorization for the user from whom primarily the
files were taken - for the mentioned above only (kmix, ...).

>Your experience would be useful - please post as I'm looking to lock 
>some features but lack time for experimentation and research.

That's my experience... :)

I can conclude w/ the following: if we want to make it simple way way
have to decide how to easily change the dir.s, subdir.s, files
permissions - then may it helps so that for the newly created user the
permissions will be set right - for the new user. But I suspect that
the info is saved somewhere in the files - the user name and therefore
the programs still will be looking for authorization - just because it
will look so as if it was intentionally customized this way.

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