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Re: KDE4.4 desktop customization for multiple users.

On 04/08/11 01:42, Sthu Deus wrote:
Thank You for Your time and answer again, Scott:


OK. For me it works as follows:

. when I use /etc/skel - it does not work at all - but problem here
is that I need manually (do You know how to perform it automatically)
to change for every dir. permission as 555 while as for the files -

I copied the files as root to /etc/skel in the first place.... so
permissions are as they should be. No chmod required

NOTE: I don't have session saving enabled and I remove all histories
before copying the modelusers .kde files to /etc/skel. All this does is
allow me to have new users inherit styles, themes and configs - *not*
enforce non-default permissions.

. when I simply copy the skel contents to a user home dir.

Who do you do that as??

I get kdesu trying to obtain authorization for the user from whom
primarily the files were taken - for the mentioned above only (kmix,

Your experience would be useful - please post as I'm looking to
lock some features but lack time for experimentation and research.

That's my experience... :)

I can conclude w/ the following: if we want to make it simple way
way have to decide how to easily change the dir.s, subdir.s, files
permissions - then may it helps so that for the newly created user
the permissions will be set right - for the new user. But I suspect
that the info is saved somewhere in the files - the user name and
therefore the programs still will be looking for authorization - just
because it will look so as if it was intentionally customized this

Try copying the files as root. Which files you copy will vary according
to how you have the user set up.

NOTE: this script is *not* tested, and I know it *won't* work - it's a
preliminary hack. Check it, fix it and modify it before using.

# first draft - full of errors - should give you an idea though

if [ "$(whoami)" != 'root' ]
        echo "You need to run this script as root."
        exit 1
echo "The format of the command cpKDEprofile is...."
echo "cpKDEprofile [modeluser]"
echo .
echo -n "Enter \"the username to be the model user for the profile
(modeluser)\" "
read modeluser
grep $modeluser /etc/passwd
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
    echo "$modeluser is not a local user account"
    exit 2
     tar cf - "/etc/skel" | bzip2 -f > "/etc/skel.bz2"

# It's up to you to see which directories and files you need
# less is better

     cp -R /home/$modeluser/.kde/share/config /etc/skel/.kde/share/
     cp -R /home/$modeluser/.kde/share/mimelnk /etc/skel/.kde/share/mimelnk

# you may not have some of these directories
     cp -R /home/$modeluser/.kde/share/wallpapers
     cp -R /home/$modeluser/.kde/share/apps/aurorae
     cp -R /home/$modeluser/.kde/share/apps/color-scheme
     cp -R /home/$modeluser/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme
     mkdir .kde/share/apps/dolphin
     cp /home/$modeluser/.kde/share/apps/dolphin/dolphinui.rc

I'm currently looking at porting KIOSK to squeeze.

I probably won't get much time to do much until weekend after next -
I'll post any progress to:-
debian-kde and kde-kiosk lists


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~ Bill Hicks

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