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Re: KDE4.4 desktop customization for multiple users.

On 01/08/11 21:06, Sthu Deus wrote:
Thank You for Your time and answer, Scott:

I usually just selectively copy as root from the "model user"/.kde/
so that /etc/skel look like:-
NOTE: with the exception of the /apps/dolphin directory the complete
contents of all the other directories is copied.

What do You do w/ session-related files, like, for example,



I copy all of that directory eg:-

root@work:/etc/skel/.kde/share/config/session# ls

cat kmix_10776f726b000130724288200000017680009_1307250061_598075

Height 600=240
Width 800=400

cat kwin_10776f726b000130724287500000017680000_1307250061_615869

I haven't done extensive testing - but the boxens have been in use for some weeks with non-tech, non-Linux users without complaint. And they seem to spend most of their time working rather than trying to make things look nice (bonus). :-)

which dir. You too have as it is shown on the pic. and it keeps some
corresponding to the app.s configuration? Simply removal of the files
looses the conf. and keeping them makes very same session numbering
also the numbering is stored in


I don't edit them - so they should match ksmserverrc


This is *not* the ideal way to do the job. I haven't had any problems but my use is very specific. With Lenny I've used Kiosk which offers much finer-grained control - unfortunately I've been unable to quickly port Kiosk to Squeeze.

I found that copying other directories was un-necessary as kde tends to set them up for the new user - I do have some notes somewhere on how to avoid the kaboom dialog on first login - but it is un-necessary (though untidy) as regardless of the user choices they still wind up with my default settings. NOTE: I don't "lock" the user profile, which is fairly easy to do with KIOSK - I just "brand" it. Mainly I'm interested in making it look nice - especially Icedove and Iceweasel which by default don't look KDE.

Your experience would be useful - please post as I'm looking to lock some features but lack time for experimentation and research.


“As long as one person lives in darkness then it seems to be a responsibility to tell other people.”
~ Bill Hicks

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