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Re: Hibernate fails

On 27/06/11 00:02, Brian wrote:
> On Sun 26 Jun 2011 at 21:34:00 +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> I'm "assuming" you haven't been using WPA - everything I've read seems
>> to indicate you'd need a file at:-
>> /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
> It's only necessary with roaming configurations. If it is used it has to
> be referenced in /e/n/i, but for single AP use an /e/n/i entry is
> sufficient.
Thank you. I wasn't sure if the /e/n/i was required, so (as noted in the
post) that was the next (1x1) step. I've read that NetworkManager, which
Carl uses, ignores /e/n/i.
I don't have access to a machine with wireless this weekend - so I'm
working from references. I also don't yet know whether Carl has been
using WPA, roaming or otherwise.
Just trying to solve his hibernation problem, and concerned I'll break
his WPA ability in the process.

To save you digging through the threads, please see:-

I have only found two causes for that fail line in the log file - lack
of a wpa_supplicant.conf being one.

I'm sure Carl would appreciate additional insights. I do.

NOTE: I don't know why any one wants to hibernate. But it's an offered
function, which in this case doesn't appear to work.


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