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Re: Need /etc/apt/sources.list

On Fri, 06 May 2011 23:07:15 +0300, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> I just tried tinyurl with wget and got the same IP address (and 200
> response) as you. I didn't check the links, though.

Then? Are you still getting trouble to reach the tinyurl web site? If 
yes, there could be a filter/proxy in between of you and the website, 
that is, your ISP.

>> That's a different issue. There is nothing that needs to be teached
>> here because we are talking about "preferences". You don't like tinyurl
>> and that's okay, no one can blame you for that, but in the same way you
>> can't also blame others for use it... even less when that person was
>> willing to help you.
> No, this is not a matter of preference. 

Sure it is. Nobody can force a user to use one or other method to post 
into this list. You can follow the link or not, that's up to you, but 
blaming someone -that is trying to help you- for using tinyurl (or any 
other of those URL shortening services) is like an overreaction.

> There is no reason to pipe the links through some third party service
> that is unreliable and may, either through malice stupidity or hacking,
> compromise either the user's ability to connect to the site or perform
> undesirable actions (tracking, advertising, drive-by malware). Could
> TinyURL never be hacked? Sold? Forget to pay their hosting bill?
> Hardware failure? Network failure?

Oh, come on! That argument is very flawed. Should we stop of using Gmail 
e-mail service because of the same? >:-)

Tinyurl, bit.ly and such have its use (mostly for twitter and sending SMS 
messages that enforce you a policy of limited characters) but using them 
in a mailing list is something is only up to the poster, not me, nor 
you... there is no one point in Debian mailing list netiquette stating 
the opposite. 
> What advantage exists at all to use tinyURL?

It does not have to exist any.



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