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Re: Need /etc/apt/sources.list

On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 12:57, Heddle Weaver <weaver2world@gmail.com> wrote:
>> The tinyurl server is giving a 500 error. Why on earth would you add
>> an unreliable, third-party link to the already fragile chain of HTTP?
> It didn't then and it doesn't now.

Still is for me.

>> I for one do not want tinyurl or any other company tracking what I do
>> online
> ??????
> , injecting advertising,
> ??????????
>  and breaking links that they don't
>> like.
> ??????????
>  Please post a direct link.

A direct link to what? I don't need this third-party irrelevant
company knowing where I browse, furthermore I don't need to follow a
blind link to goatse.

> Ghostery is pretty good at it's job.

It most certainly is. I use it too.

> I don't think you'll find you are being tracked through that medium.

We don't need the possibility of being tracked. Why are you so adamant
about using blind links which break (I cannot access them) instead of
linking to the correct page?

> I have no idea where the other fantasies come from.

Prudence, not fantasy. Unless _you_ happen to live in a world of
unicorns, but I certainly don't.

> Well, those two links had the information you were after taking me
> less than a minute with Google to obtain them for you (for some
> reason), but if you aren't even prepared to follow them, there's not
> much anybody can do to help you.

I appreciate your willingness to help, don't get me wrong. But just as
I am here to learn, I thought that you might also be interested in
learning the error of using url-shortening services. I apologise if I
stepped on toes or tried to teach the old dog new tricks. But in any
case, even if I am fantasising about tracking or advertising, the
links are most certainly broken.

Dotan Cohen


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