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Re: Installing Debian from NFS

On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 4:58 PM, Freeman <hewho7@gmail.com> wrote:
This may not help. I made on on-disk version for debs I build or scarf.
There are examples for creating package files and of a release file.


Of course apt-cacher-ng will do the same.

P.S. Protocol here is to trim the quote and respond below.
Thanks Freeman. yes, I discovered that just having the Release and Packages.gz etc. files in a directory isn't good enough to use. However, I'm not sure how this works when you use a DVD in the drive and have the packages install from it. Anyway, I found this script 'anonftpsync' that helps build one a local mirror. It's been going on for almost 20 hrs and it's downloaded 28GB so far after I used a LOT of EXCLUDEs but oh well. Was a Bad move in a way since Squeeze is going to be out soon and then I'll have to build a mirror for that as well. I'm probably stupid or impatient but I didn't understand the concept of apt-cacher-ng from a brief glimpse. It's a HTTP proxy to a local mirror or some other mirror or does it make an NFS partition accessible via HTTP? Since it uses the word "cache" in it, I'm assuming, it caches the packages so everytime you need something you get it locally than reaching out to the Internet mirror?

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