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Installing Debian from NFS

this may be a very obvious one of those things that I should just  "Google" but given my last experience, and unsuccessful Googling, I figured maybe I should ask the community as to what the CORRECT way to install Debian on a Sun machine such that it uses the ISO/Distribution on my local NFS server as opposed to just picking up the boot.img and then have the rest of it be downloaded from the Internet. I have a LOT of SUN machines to install and it'd be cool if I can just install them off the distro on the nfs server.
The way my boot server is setup is, that it has tftp, /etc/ethers and /etc/hosts files all setup. I have the boot.img from Debian Lenny for sparc in /tftpboot and also have the hex and decimal/AF_INET format of the intended IP Address soft-linked to this boot.img in the /tftpboot directory i.e. 0A01030B -> boot.img. I also have the entire debian-DVD-lenny.iso available and is mounted on /mnt/iso by way of lofiadm so that /mnt/iso has the contents of the ISO and not the bundled iso image.
Now, how do I tell the installer to go pick it up from there? I have done a bit of research and all I see everywhere is mentions of some file called root.tar.gz and debian-installer and what not...but I can't figure out where do I get that from.
I have tried:
ok> boot net
ok> boot net - install nfsroot=
ok> boot net install
Any one wish to comment?
Thanks so much

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