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Re: help

Chris Bannister wrote:
> The whole point is ... We shouldn't pretend Debian is the same as
> Ubuntu.

Full agreement.

> By giving advice like "sudo <whatever>", we are.

I have been saying 'sudo' since HP-UX 9.0 days.  I am pretending that
the user is on a reasonably configured Unix system or will know how to
get there and gently nudging them to improve their system if they need
that nudge.  It isn't the default on HP-UX either.  But if admins hear
it being talked-up then they will install and configure it.  It is
very easy.  I have little idea how recent additions to the family such
as cousins Ubuntu, gNewSense, Maemo, Grml, Embedian, and others are
configured and rarely think about them.  They are off topic for this
mailing list.


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