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Re: Iceape/Seamonkey and Iceweasel/Firefox - was Re: Straw poll: What browser do you use?

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 00:21, Scott Ferguson
<prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> wrote:
>  On 17/09/10 16:40, Bret Busby wrote:
>> <snip> read that... (scott) </snip>
>> Please note: in an effort to trim the message to which I am
>> responding, I cut most of it out, apart from the stuff above, and the
>> stuff above "Mozilla Corp", above, was posted by me, and from there
>> down, was posted by Scott (to avoid confusion about misquoting).
>> What about the differences between iceape and Seamonkey?
>> Do they have the same funtionality?
>> --
>> Bret Busby
>> Armadale
>> West Australia
>> ..............
> ...and I cut it further :-)
> Similar story to Iceweasel (note the lower-case w!) and Firefox.
> (Going from memory here - so someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)
> Once apon a time there was Netscape suite - which became Mozilla suite

In spirit only. Netscape 5 would have been a continuation of 4's code base,
but they tossed it out and wrote Gecko from scratch. The browser built on
Gecko was called Mozilla (which had been the Netscape code name since
forever), later it was called Mozilla Suite to distinguish it from other Mozilla

> (a pyrrhic victory!)....

> which became Seamonkey - due to restrictions
> placed on it by the Mozilla Corporation,  Debian produced the Iceape
> version.
> That's a little of the history.
> Differences:- logos, icons, names etc - plus Iceape is slightly more
> configurable (user-agent etc.) and security patches to older versions
> are unaffected by Mozilla freezes.
> Functionality:- slightly more with Iceape - but I haven't noticed any
> difference in performance.

Although the current version of SeaMonkey has more features than
the old version that is Iceape

Kelly Clowers

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