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Re: trying to restrict exim smtp to specific IP

On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 20:52:20 +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:

> Camaleón on 20/01/10 20:06, wrote:
>> Tip: it's better to open a new thread ("new" post instead to "reply")
>> if you are changing the theme of the e-mail :-)
> Forgot about that!

No problem, next time ;-)
>> Are you still using Postfix? :-)
>> If yes, you can change -again- the "above-mentioned" ;-) value to:
>> ***
>> inet_interfaces =, localhost ***
>> And restart Postfix.
> No, I'm not using postfix because the solution I found in the docs which
> would have been perfect was
> master_service_disable=smtp.inet

And what is that parameter for? :-? 

Let me check:

master_service_disable (default: empty)

Selectively disable master(8) listener ports by service type or by 
service name and type.

# Turn off only the main SMTP listener port.
master_service_disable = smtp.inet

Ah, you wanted to disable "smtp" connections at all? Mmm, I'm still a bit 
confused about your goals...
> but this is only available from v2.6+ and lenny is using 2.5.x and
> there's nothing for postfix in backports. I didn't realise there is a
> way to do it with inet_interfaces.
> Due to psychological trauma at this further set-back (i'm sensitive to
> this after midnight) I ditched postfix and decided to try exim.


Well, I cannot tell you how can this be achieved with Exim, sorry O:-)

> PS are you sure about that inet_interfaces setting? I think it would
> result in postfix listening on, no?

In "both". Look:

stt005:~# netstat -an | grep :25
tcp        0      0*       LISTEN     
tcp        0      0  *       LISTEN 

stt005:~# cat /etc/postfix/main.cf | grep inet_interfaces
inet_interfaces =, localhost

But I dunno if this kind of setup is what you need :-?



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