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Re: trying to restrict exim smtp to specific IP

On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 19:01:16 +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:

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> I'm installing stuff onto a vserver which I have just got, and according
> to the sysadmin at the hosting provider, due to their set-up, I can't
> configure exim to listen on, I have to use the given IP
> address.
> In case that doesn't make sense, I mean that I am not supposed to get
> this netstat output:
> tcp        0      0  *              
> It should listen like this (or all hell breaks loose on their server
> farm):
> tcp        0      0*              
> where is the static IP I've been given (which is then NAT'd
> by the hosting provider to something else).
> My vserver set-up has very simple requirements - I just want the system
> to send out emails generated on the system locally, e.g. piping command
> output to mailx
> Any enlightenment much appreciated

Are you still using Postfix? :-)

If yes, you can change -again- the "above-mentioned" ;-) value to:

inet_interfaces =, localhost

And restart Postfix.



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