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Re: Removing the indent-string quote marker '>' in emails.

On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 08:00:11PM EST, Freeman wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 05:39:14PM -0500, Chris Jones wrote:


> > Oh, oh.. sorry, I know next to nothing - i.e. I only know that I
> > know nothing :-) - about this area of computing, and resorted to
> > guessing your meaning, and what made the guess impossible was that I
> > took smartlist to be something physical compending some form of data
> > rather than, maybe Smartlist with a capital 'S', or 'smartlist' with
> > quotes, which would have put me on the right track to guessing that
> > you were referring to a software package and 'my-smartlist' your
> > personal implementation thereof.

> LOL. The perpetual human problem. One can only hope to know less. Yet
> I wish I knew more.
> I should have used quotes and a cap!

Mind you, I wasn't being critical, just looking for good excuses for my
having failed to figure this out in the first place. ;-)

> I am forever struggling to keep posts brief, to be expeditious in
> editing them down, to get to the point, to include vital details, and
> to somehow avoid being disingenuous.  %0

I can relate to that.

I learned to type, thinking that such skills would enhance my computing
experience, and now I can type like a champ.

Not as wonderful as it sounds though, because what happened is that I'm
ten times more verbose than I used to be.. and where it took me less
than a minute proofreading, editing etc. my three-liners, now it takes
for ever coming up with posts I won't regret the second I hit the Send

> It alwasy goes to far one way or the other.  :)

And you keep mistyping 'too' (to) to add to the confusion :-) 

That's a lot of to/too/two's .. etc.

But are you the author of the smartlist program, as Lisi suggests?

If so, I do apologize.. I'll re-read the whole thread to figure out how
I got so confused about the entire issue.

I have apt-gotten the smartlist package and will look at it right away.


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