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Re: Removing the indent-string quote marker '>' in emails.

On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 04:18:59PM EST, Freeman wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 03:50:32PM -0500, Chris Jones wrote:


> > > My smartlist had that and a monthly FAQ. I believe it was a
> > > feature of the program.  But a simple cron job could post a FAQ.

> > Hmm.. what exactly is your 'smartlist'?
> > 
> "Was" my smartlist. It was an attempt at a social list among fiends
> back in the day, when I fell in love with email and the usenet and
> thought I might make something of it.  :)

Oh, oh.. sorry, I know next to nothing - i.e. I only know that I know
nothing :-) - about this area of computing, and resorted to guessing
your meaning, and what made the guess impossible was that I took
smartlist to be something physical compending some form of data rather
than, maybe Smartlist with a capital 'S', or 'smartlist' with quotes,
which would have put me on the right track to guessing that you were
referring to a software package and 'my-smartlist' your personal
implementation thereof.

Well, I'll add this to my never ending list of things that I know
nothing about and would be worth my time if I had more of it.

> Smartlist is built on procmail and is on their page. It is easily
> Googled because so many play with it.  But host services tend to
> dislike it.  To many messy experiments maybe.

> I built an html front end that sent commands for registered users via
> sendmail.  Pretty simple but it impressed my friends as they are all
> non-techies.  Sort of wish I still had that.  I have seen some for
> sale on line now.  :)

Thanks for your comments,


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