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Re: Removing the indent-string quote marker '>' in emails.

On Fri,01.Jan.10, 13:26:59, Chris Jones wrote:
> I noticed that some e-mails come back to this (and other) mailing lists
> with the traditional '>' quote markers removed.

> Is this caused by 'poster four' in the above example having manually
> removed the markers, or is an attempt from the mailer he is using at
> prettifying the message? I have not been able to determine a pattern.

Watch the User-Agent/X-Mailer field in the header of those mails. Most 
of the times it's the mailer...

> Messages are content 'text/plain, 7bit, us-ascii' more often than not,
> so it doesn't look like a misuse of format=flowed either.

...but on some rare occasions it could also be the user changing 

> Has anyone noticed this and possibly found a workaround?

Finding technical solutions to a social problems? Good luck!

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