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Re: X11 without HAL: "DontZap" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesn't work anymore

Brian Nelson wrote:
Dirk <noisyb@gmx.net> writes:

Jochen Schulz wrote:
Nobody forces you to do anything. You can compile patch X.org yourself,
run oldstable, switch to another distribution or throw your computer out
of the window. Or you could just accept HAL and go on with your life.
You suggest that everyone compiles X11 him-/herself now?

To downgrade or to even switch whole distributions because of a single
stubborn package maintainer?

X.org is maintained by a team of developers, and its usage of HAL has
been discussed on the general developers' mailing list.  There is no
single maintainer acting alone, and if there were a consensus that X's
dependency on HAL is as bad as you say (which there isn't), the
technical committee could overrule them anyway.

I meant the package maintainer of the debian package and the refusal to reduce HAL to a recommendation instead of making it a requirement.

In the X.org mailinglist I was told that the necessity for HAL can be enabled/disabled at compile time. So there should be no problem for the maintainer to do so.

I guess the next reply will suggest, again, that everyone who doesn't want HAL should compile X11 himself.


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