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Re: new problem - networking is strange

Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:

In <200904042356.01172.reidac@bellatlantic.net>, Andrew Reid wrote:
 Not only did I get confused and send a redundant message, I can
now confirm that it's not fixed in lenny.
That because it is not a bug, it is a feature and it is working as

It is/was broken on my system since both of my network cards get random
MAC addresses on each boot (hardware issue best I can tell), but it is
easily fixed by writing a couple of udev rules to assign eth0 and eth1 by
PCI address instead of MAC address.

 The file is /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.
It is generated by 75-persistent-net-generator.rules.
Yeah, but it's a feature that's not well publicized and causes confusing behavior.

Standard behavior, for years, has been to expect eth0 to be assigned to a machine's primary network interface. udev's behavior is more than a little counter-intuitive, and not well publicized or documented. You don't really expect to replace a network card and suddenly have your machine not be able to find the network.

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