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Re: new problem - networking is strange

Miles Fidelman wrote:

> Standard behavior, for years, has been to expect eth0 to be assigned to
> a machine's primary network interface.  udev's behavior is more than a
> little counter-intuitive, and not well publicized or documented.  You
> don't really expect to replace a network card and suddenly have your
> machine not be able to find the network.

Unfortunately you are right!

So why not do something like /dev/disk/by-*

I think udev could do this pretty the same way it.

And the system could always start trying configure the first interface.

I am not familiar with what was discussed on this topic so far ( I mean
debian networking or so udev)

I've experienced the contra productiveness of the udev way though recently
something maps somehow the udev interface to interface eth1. Don't ask me
what and how. I never found it so interesting to spend time investigateing
until now.

Do you have any idea?


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