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Re: Top posting vs Bottom posting

Sander Marechal wrote:
Actually, top posting makes some sense in a corporate environment. There
is no mailinglist or archive to see the entire discussion there. Suppose
you are discussing something with a coworker over e-mail. With top
posting every reply carries the entire thread. Want to involve someone
else (like your boss)? Just CC them and the have the full conversation.
This benefit probably outweighs the disadvantage of the messages
appearing in the wrong order.

There's nothing more painful when reading e-mail than to start from the very bottom, read the message, then begin to read each reply upwards. It becomes really bad when some replies are more than a page long because you now have to scroll back down to read it, then scroll up to find the next reply. Weeding through top-posts makes me want to kick someones cat.

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