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Re: Top posting vs Bottom posting

Steven Demetrius wrote:
For all you posters discussing Top posting vs Bottom posting and taking
other threads off topic here is a thread for you.

First my opinion, Since this mailing list historically has been Bottom
posting then we stick with it.
good point.
personally the most e-mails i receive and sent are in a "corporate" environment and everybody uses top posting there, i clearly see it has benefits since it is used more as a "notification" to have the latest one (and probably most relevant) on top and thus it works fine. also noticed that you can easily read the chain of command of an organization by seeing who starts the mails and who has the final reply.

on mailing lists however mails are used as a discussion between peers with many inns and outs instead of a notification, and then the latest reply is not always the most relevant.

Using both top and bottom posting in the mailing list will lead to
inconsistency and confusion especially to for new users.
agreed, just choose one and get over it, but as far as i know this choice has been made long time ago.
I've also seen posts about not being able to bottom post because of MS
Outlook. Last time I checked MS Outlook was not available in Debian, not
even any other Linux distribution. By the way MS Outlook does and cut
and paste features. :)
then don't use MS Outlook, any other mailer can do this.

Now the fun begins.....



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