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Re: Top posting vs Bottom posting

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 07:23, randall <randall@songshu.org> wrote:

> personally the most e-mails i receive and sent are in a "corporate"
> environment and everybody uses top posting there, i clearly see it has
> benefits since it is used more as a "notification" to have the latest one
> (and probably most relevant) on top and thus it works fine.
> also noticed that you can easily read the chain of command of an
> organization by seeing who starts the mails and who has the final reply.

I think most people top post in corporate enviroments 'cos they just
click and type and don't really care about proper use of email or
computers in general. It's just the thing to send messages. Ever seen
IT Crew? As for the chain of comand you could use the quotation
header's timestamp, but i don't see your corporate average Joe doing
that. :)

>> I've also seen posts about not being able to bottom post because of MS
>> Outlook. Last time I checked MS Outlook was not available in Debian, not
>> even any other Linux distribution. By the way MS Outlook does and cut
>> and paste features. :)

C'mon, if you're not using your home computer you might not be using
GNU/Linux (sad but true). Last i heard™ email is based on STMP and
others, not on Linux ;)

Nuno Magalhães

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