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Re: Top posting vs Bottom posting

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:04:29PM -0700, Ken Teague wrote:
> There's nothing more painful when reading e-mail than to start from the  
> very bottom, read the message, then begin to read each reply upwards. It 
> becomes really bad when some replies are more than a page long because 
> you now have to scroll back down to read it, then scroll up to find the 
> next reply.  Weeding through top-posts makes me want to kick someones 
> cat.

There's something worse than that: A mixture of top and bottom posts!
>From the level of quoting at least, one can decipher pure top posted
mails (however painful that is). But a potent combination of the two
becomes so disastrous that I just forget reading that thread! :-)

Kumar Appaiah

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