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Re: flashbock package and filters

On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 13:54:31 -0400, H.S. wrote:
> Florian Kulzer wrote:
>> Filterset.G works very well for me:
>> http://www.pierceive.com/
>> I use the Filterset.G updater add-on to keep the filter rules up to date
>> on my machine, and I have no complaints about that either.
> The updater is an extension installed by the user?

Yes, it is:


(*cough* the link is right on the piercieve page *cough*)

> If so, did it need  
> write permission to the system directories?

It didn't with iceweasel; I have no idea about iceape. When I was still
using the mozilla suite I was always successful with granting temporary
write access if an extension could not be installed right away as a
normal user. You should have a file called "install.log" in your
~/.mozilla/... directory; the installer should record all unsuccessful
file access attempts in this log. Granting temporary write access to the
problematic files/directories and repeating the installation as a normal
user always worked for me. (Note, however, that this was at least 2-3
years ago; I have no experience with any recent version of iceape.)

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