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Re: flashblock and noscript extensions want root access?

On 07/14/2008 06:29 PM, Ron Johnson wrote:

I never see those messages when I update plugins in Iceweasel from
my own account.

So I think there's an "everyone uses Administrator-mode Windows" bug
somewhere in Seamonkey.

The Noscript FAQ discusses this. For Seamonkey, Noscript must be installed globally because Seamonkey is missing the API that makes profile-installation easy.

I'm glad you mentioned "Seamonkey," because I had forgotten that Iceape is Debian's Seamonkey.

H.S., if you do install Noscript into Iceape (as root), please let us know how this affects your upgrades. My guess is that Noscript would have to be reinstalled after every upgrade of Iceape, but I'd like to know.

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