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Re: flashbock package and filters

Florian Kulzer wrote:

The updater is an extension installed by the user?

Yes, it is:



It didn't with iceweasel; I have no idea about iceape. When I was still
using the mozilla suite I was always successful with granting temporary
write access if an extension could not be installed right away as a
normal user. You should have a file called "install.log" in your
~/.mozilla/... directory; the installer should record all unsuccessful
file access attempts in this log. Granting temporary write access to the
problematic files/directories and repeating the installation as a normal
user always worked for me. (Note, however, that this was at least 2-3
years ago; I have no experience with any recent version of iceape.)

I also had my adblock and falshblock extension installed from around that period in iceape. The newer versions of extensions of these do not work though. It could be the case for the updater as well ... but I will give it a shot.


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