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Re: X doesn't start after installing debian

Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> writes:

> On 03/13/08 01:23, Jan Brosius wrote:

>> I installed debian 4.0 r3 amd64 on my laptop an Acer Aspire 9920. The
>> graphic card is Nvidia 8600M.
>> The installation went well until after the reboot. Then the X server
>> didn't start. I installed then with apt the debian package n"vidia-glx".
>> But when I then start X I get a blank screen  and I don't  even get  a
>> console input.


> Since you can't get in via a normal boot, I suggest that you use a
> LiveCD and disable [xgk]dm. 

You can also boot into single-user mode from the grub boot loader, no
need for a live cd. I believe that in the default grub configuration,
you will have an entry "recovery mode" which boots into single user
mode and does not start [x,g,k]dm. 

If not, just press "e" on the highlighted boot stanza and select the
line starting with "kernel", press "e" again to edit that line, append
"s" (for single), press return to finish editing and "b" to boot with the
changed configuration. This, as said above, should bring you into
single user mode where you can disable x, e.g. by running

"update-rc.d -f gdm remove" on a system with the GNOME Display
Manager, for kdm or xdm just change the name.



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