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Re: What am I missing without mutt?

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Here is nothing moved.

> If I have messages I am not interested in (mostly spam) I hit "d" and
> then if I change the mailbox OR do a <shift>4 the are immediatly erased
> from the mailfolder.

    And?  See here spam gets sent to the spam folder where S-A gets to chew on
them so just deleting is rarely an option.  I can also set TBird to expunge
when leaving a folder and not use a trash folder, however, since I *like* the
option of a trash folder for the rare times I mistakenly delete something
(like this message) that I meant to reply to I can just dig it out and reply
to it.

> And even if I activate the "TRASH" folder option, the files are moved
> in one time and very fast.

    That's the problem.  I described exactly what mutt is doing.  I even have
a screencast of mutt "trashing" 46 message and taking several factors longer
than TBird to trash 1600 messages.  It's because mutt is DOWNLOADING every
message, by itself, and then UPLOADING it to the server in the trash folder.
However in 5 minutes I found out that the IMAP protocol has a COPY command
that takes a range of messages and the folder to copy to.  I'd bet cold hard
cash that TBird is marking the messages as deleted (as it should) and then
issuing a "COPY 1 1600 ~/Trash" and letting the server do the heavy lifting.
If you think a 128Kb DSL link is faster at moving....

{grey@olethros:~/Mail} ls -l Trash
-rw------- 1 grey shared 20030517 2008-02-11 22:46 Trash

...about 1Gb of mail (3500 messages, I trash 1600, so call it about half) than
the local disc you're sorely mistaken.  Would you like to see the screencast?

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