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Re: What am I missing without mutt?

On Feb 4, 5:20 pm, "Steve Lamb" <g...@dmiyu.org> wrote:
> It all depends on the work habits of the individual user.

Well, you can say that about anything, right? The OP asked what he was
missing, so he's soliciting the opinions of people with different work

> Just as while I am a vim devotee for programming Python
> I most certainly would not use it for creating documents fit for
> printing.

Well, to me Vim can do almost anything, so I'd rather use it for
programming, emailing, and writing books. I'll grant you that to draft
a one-page memo to a colleague it's probably easiest to use OO or
Word, but in this day and age you're probably going to send an email
anyway, and not a Word doc.

Trying to stick to the email topic, consider how much easier it is to
grep the /Mail folder, or use Mutt's ~b search, instead of trying to
figure out Thunderbird's clunky search interface.  To use just one


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