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Re: What am I missing without mutt?

Joe wrote:
> On 12:28 Wed 06 Feb     , Steve Lamb wrote:
>>     In mutt (as of, say, 4 months ago when I last tried) it will copy then
>> delete message 1... then copy and delete message 2... then copy and
>> delete message 3...  Taking about 1/2 second each.  So on a 25 message
>> operation mutt will take 12 seconds to do what TBird does in no more
>> than 2.  Even worse is that is without network lag as the mutt operation
>> was carried out on the server itself.

> So why are you doing it differently in Mutt than in TBird? Jut hit 't'
> on each message you want deleted then use tag-prefix to delete them all
>  ';' applies the next command to all tagged messages so you hit ';'
>   then 'd'. Simple.

    Where did I say *I* was not marking multiple messages and deleting them
at once.  I quite clearly said *IT* will copy the first message, delete,
then move to the second to copy, then delete, and so on.

Steve Lamb

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