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Re: What am I missing without mutt?

On 12:28 Wed 06 Feb     , Steve Lamb wrote:
>     The main problem that I saw is that on delete operations it does
> something that is insanely slower than TBird.  For example, on TBird I
> can mark 25 messages as deleted, hit delete, and within about a second
> they are in the trash folder.
>     In mutt (as of, say, 4 months ago when I last tried) it will copy then
> delete message 1... then copy and delete message 2... then copy and
> delete message 3...  Taking about 1/2 second each.  So on a 25 message
> operation mutt will take 12 seconds to do what TBird does in no more
> than 2.  Even worse is that is without network lag as the mutt operation
> was carried out on the server itself.

So why are you doing it differently in Mutt than in TBird? Jut hit 't'
on each message you want deleted then use tag-prefix to delete them all
 ';' applies the next command to all tagged messages so you hit ';'
  then 'd'. Simple.

Regards, Joe

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