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Re: Iceweasel problems - 3 of 3

--- "Dennis G. Wicks" <wix@eskimo.com> wrote:

> Well, this is the third of the most aggravating
> problems.
> Iceweasel will just "go to sleep". I have clicked on
> a
> link or pasted a url in the address bar and it is
> doing
> nothing. It displays "STOPPED" in the status bar and
> will not load any pages, either i'net or local
> network.
> The system monitor and "top" don't show that there
> is
> anything in particular going on and other apps have
> a
> good, quick response.
> Time cures the problem. Generally after "a while"
> something breaks loose and it sort of catches up and
> things work.
> I have the cache disabled. It doesn't seem to make
> any
> difference one way or the other.
> Thanks for any help.
> Dennis
This may not be too helpful, but I have noted similar
behaviour, and not only with Iceweasel, but sometimes
Opera will do a "frozen" thing once in a while too.
It seems to be flash related, I think. When they
decide to take a rest, as it were, seems invariably on
a page that is flash intensive. Flash doesn't seem to
want to play fair with Linux, for some reason. I also
notice that flash videos or animations seem to consume
a lot of cpu cycles, with Iceweasel or Opera.

This can be a real pain, because a lot of websites are
very flash intensive nowadays.

Starting your browser with "-- debug plugins" enabled
could be enlightening here. I'm unsure how to do that
with Iceweasel, but with Opera an "opera -- debug
plugins" should do it. If I can remember to start my
browser thusly, I will report back further if I note
anything on this rendom "freeze".


-- Angus

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