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Re: Stupid question (was Re: Repost of some earlier described "challenges")

On 9/27/07, Owen Heisler <owenh000@gmail.com> wrote:
> I started using Linux with FC2 (or FC3 maybe) and was just thrilled with it
> (with Linux, really).  Then I got annoyed with FC's bleeding edge software and
> also decided that I shouldn't have to reinstall every 6 months in order to stay
> current.  That's when I started using Debian (and was thrilled all over again).
> Now reinstalling is unnecessary and I can get as close to the bleeding edge as
> I want by using whichever distribution (stable, testing, or unstable).

I left Red Hat (pre-Fedora) because with each release they decided I
needed fewer and fewer of the programs I relied on, like my window
manager, or xlock.  With Debian, I have hardly any locally compiled
packages.  With very few exceptions, it's all just *there*.

Michael A. Marsh

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