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Re: Repost of some earlier described "challenges"

Ron Johnson wrote:

On 09/25/07 21:33, Mike McCarty wrote:


USB keyboard?  (I've always been leery of them, because of the
mutually-exclusive HID and {o,u}chi drivers.

Oops! I somehow neglected to specify...
PS/2 style keyboard
PS/2 style mouse
Keyboard works

PS/2 style keyboard
USB style mouse
Keyboard stops working

Same setup works with you-know-what.

["snip no fix yet"s]

Another issue which has never been posted: She installed more
memory. She had 512 MB RAM, and now has 1.5 Gig. Unfortunately,
Debian seems only to recognize just under 1.0 Gig. I haven't
looked on the web for a fix for that, so I haven't posted
here. Part of the reason I haven't gone searching for a
solution, is that her reaction to that was to purchase a copy
of Windows XP.

That's easy to solve.  Will require a kernel rebuild, though.

However, Debian kernels have had CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G=y for quite some
time now.  More than a year.

Ok, so how does one get a newer kernel, install it, and get
all the memory available?

She's sorta impulsive, sometimes.

Partly, she also wants access to a disc which was formatted
by Windows NT, and which she considers she has no access to
at present.

libntfs-3g12.  Will need a FUSE-enabled kernel.

Again, how to obtain and install? I believe it is already
mountable and readable.


Certain things will work wonderfully for her.  She'll discover,
though, that the grass isn't greener, just a different variety.

She's quite familiar with Windows XP. She uses it at work.

                                     She seems kinda to have
made up her mind. I have, um, limited influence over her
behavior. :-)

You need a more compliant girlfriend.  Lucy Liu-bot comes to mind.


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