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Re: Repost of some earlier described "challenges"

Wayne Topa wrote:
Mike McCarty(Mike.McCarty@sbcglobal.net) is reported to have said:

Ok, so how does one get a newer kernel, install it, and get
all the memory available?

That question indicates, to me at least, that you don't know as much
about Debian as I thought you did.  That's not your fault, I 'assumed'
to much.  My answers, as well as others I think, assumed you knew more
than you do so were not as helpful as they might have been.  Yes, I do
recall that you run FC but I didn't realize it had become a turn-key
distro.  I haven't run RH since '92.

I know how to do the necessary admin with FC. Debian I'm much less
capable with. I wouldn't call FC "turnkey". But it uses a completely
different set of admin tools.

Maybe the problems your GF (you) have been running into are due to not
keeping her system up to date.  Maybe she (you) didn't realize Debian
had that feature.

Possibly. I'm aware that Debian must have a means for updating, but
I'll admit that I don't know the details of it. That's my failing,
not yours.

I don't recall you saying which dist your GF is using.  Is she running
etch (stable) or what?  That in important for us to be able to assist
you (her).


She (you) might try do a aptitude update && aptitude upgrade to get,
whichever dist she (you) are running, up to date.  That may fix some
of her (your) problems.

That is certainly worth trying, at least.

Updating a kernel is no more then finding the kernels available for
the dist she is running, and then running 'aptitude install
This will not require her (you) to do any compiling.  If you want to
compile the kernel, look for, using  apt-cache search,
(linux-source | kernel-source).

Pardon me for being somewhat addled, I'm getting too old for this...

I haven't noticed that you are addled.

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