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Repost of some earlier described "challenges"

These have (nearly) all been posted before, but some have requested
that they be reposted. If you don't like reading stuff
YET AGAIN, then just skip this message, please.

My GF installed a USB mouse, and her keyboard went away.
They work together with THE OTHER OS. IIRC (it's been
a while) using a debug startup allows us to get up to
a root login, and look around, but using ^D from there
makes the keyboard go away. I can't tell if this is
an X Window problem, or below that, or what. The current
work around is to use an old PS/2 style mouse. The symptoms
are just as if the keyboard were unplugged. There is no
response whatsoever.

My GF also can't mount a memory stick using a Dazzle
USB I/F through a hub. A regular disc (Western Digital)
mounts and runs fine on the same hub. When the Dazzle
is plugged directly into the USB port on the machine,
it can be mounted. This is extremely inconvenient, as
all the USB ports on this machine are in the back,
and it is inside an armoir. The workaround is to pull
the machine out of the armoir, and leave it hanging
out, and plug the Dazzle into the USB. This is something
I have to do, as she is mobility impaired (paraplegic).
Since I live several miles away, this is quite inconvenient.
Another work around is to use the same hub and Dazzle
I/F with Windows on a laptop, then e-mail herself using a dial-
up connection, to an account she can read with Debian. This
is slow, clumsy, and inconvenient as well.

She can't associate multiple queues with a single printer,
but there is already another thread about that. There is
currently no work around, but there is hope that using the
CUPS I/F directly may work.

So far, she's unable to get her printer to full functionality.
I kludged up a printer description which sorta works, but
not fully. It's an HP, but I don't at present recall the
exact model number. It is a combined Printer/FAX/Scanner.
So far, it just prints either in greyscale or color, depending
on how we've edited queue at the moment. We can't select different
print quality, color/greyscale, or any other options except by
editing the one queue associated with it. It is also supposed
to be able to read and print camera memory sticks, but that
only works in stand-alone mode, with no way to get the info
from the printer to the computer. Supposedly, this works
with THE OTHER OS, though that is unverified. Anyway, at
present it's running with my kludgy edit of another printer
description file, not one from Debian, and just as a simple
printer, it can't even do a realign. None of the other
functions are currently usable.

Another issue which has never been posted: She installed more
memory. She had 512 MB RAM, and now has 1.5 Gig. Unfortunately,
Debian seems only to recognize just under 1.0 Gig. I haven't
looked on the web for a fix for that, so I haven't posted
here. Part of the reason I haven't gone searching for a
solution, is that her reaction to that was to purchase a copy
of Windows XP.

She's sorta impulsive, sometimes.

Partly, she also wants access to a disc which was formatted
by Windows NT, and which she considers she has no access to
at present. (Not quite true, but I try not to argue with her
very much. It is true that she has some apps on there which
won't run under Debian.)

I dunno how much progress will be made, even if I can make
everything work by Saturday evening. She seems kinda to have
made up her mind. I have, um, limited influence over her
behavior. :-)

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