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Re: OT: Choice of OOo and LaTeX (Was: Tool for document management)

* Jochen Schulz <ml@well-adjusted.de> [070925 16:07]:
> Steve Lamb:

>> they're robust but I have always seen their use tied to another
>> editor.  Since an outside editor is required it is my impression
>> that there is no WYSIWYG, no way to get a basic view of how it
>> might look printed outside of actually doing whatever magic it is
>> to send it off to a printer.  Which I don't have.

> Hm? Usually, you have one editor (Notepad-like or something more
> advanced) for your Latex code and some viewer application where you can
> see your compiled document (PDF, DVI).  However, the more you get used
> to it, the less you need to know how exactly some specific markup looks
> like.  You can always adjust the details at a later time without
> touching the actual contents of your document.
> I know that there is a special Latex-mode for Emacs which displays some
> kind of inline-preview directly in your editor. I like vim better,
> though, so I cannot tell much about it.

Rather than the Emacs preview, I use "xdvi" to view the typeset

I use the Gnome desktop.  I find it convenient to open several
terminal windows (Gnome terminal or multi-Gnome-terminal).  One window
I use for the command line, and in each of the others I run an
instance of "xdvi" for the file which I am editing.

Inasmuch as xdvi allows me to "zoom" to any magnification I wish, I
use each instance of xdvi to provide a different view:

    => a magnified view of the region of the page or column on which I
    am working (I typically typeset documents in two-column format)

    => a magnified view of the footnotes

    => a reduced view of the entire page (you can flip through the
    pages with the PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN keys; this makes it very easy
    to spot mark-up errors in section titles)

    => a normal view of the table of contents

Using alt-TAB (or the rodent), I can switch between the XEmacs window,
the xdvi windows, and the command-line window.

Occasionally while writing, I save the document, switch to the
command-line window and execute LaTeX, then look over the xdvi
displays (which are updated automatically whenever LaTeX is run).


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