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Re: OT: Choice of OOo and LaTeX (Was: Tool for document management)

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On 09/25/07 09:30, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Neil Watson wrote:
>> With TeX and LaTeX and its ilk the templates actually work.  I can use
>> the same template for all of my reports and they always look the same.
>> There are no annoying format inconsistencies that are so common with
>> Word and OpenOffice.
>     To be fair I am operating out a large measure of ignorance.  One of my
> main concerns is that the typesetting languages are languages.  I'm sure
> they're robust but I have always seen their use tied to another editor.  Since
> an outside editor is required it is my impression that there is no WYSIWYG, no
> way to get a basic view of how it might look printed outside of actually doing
> whatever magic it is to send it off to a printer.  Which I don't have.
>     Also the end result of my labor will be to send this out to be published.
>  I have seen many publishers take submissions in Word, plain text or printed
> out.  I've yet to see one accept LaTeX.


>                                         So without a printer I am stuck with
> transforming what I want into an acceptable format and plain text won't so.  I
> am using some formatting.  Nothing fancy, noting that will cause formatting
> inconsistencies.  But just enough that plain text is unacceptable.

lyx is supposed to be a good GUI front-end to latex, and I'm sure
that there's a way to convert latex to PDF.

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