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Re: Relabel partition didn't work

On Fri, Apr 06, 2007 at 04:41:02PM +0200, Joe Hart wrote:
> It seems that many guides say to put your windows partition in
> /mnt/windows or /media/windows.  That would suggest to me that that is
> the place where other file systems go.  That's where my question stems
> from as to why /mnt and /media are not good places.

Neither to me seem appropriate:

	/mnt should be empty since most *NIX expect that /mnt is a
	mountpoint itself for root to mount devices temporarily.

	/media to me suggests removeable media like CDs, USB, etc.

If we consider the iso files like any other file to share between users,
where do users put files to share?  It used to be that home directories
were world-readable so you could keep them in either user's home and the
other could access the file if the permissions permitted it.

When home directories are not world-accessible, I've suggested a
separate directory under /home for such things.

I've never run an FTP server so I don't know.  Where does the FTP's /pub
directory actually sit within its host's filesystem?  Perhaps one could
learn from that decision.


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