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Re: static IP

Jordi wrote:
Hi to all

I must thank all people here.

I called for a friend in ubuntu forum, he visited my public ip and got
the Xampp page!

So the server works fine !

The problem is that from inside my home, the router sends all visits
to its configuration. But from outside, they can visit my server, not
the router.

That may be normal, it depends on the model. You do need to adjust
the router sometimes, so there must be a web configuration page.
Normally it will answer only on its internal IP address, the private
one. It may be that your router answers on the internal *interface*,
regardless of whether you use the internal or external IP address.
If so, you can probably not fix that.

SO I am happy because server works, and static public ip and port
forwadding too.

But how do I make my computers at home visit my server using my public
static ip?
Or this is normal?

It is not normal to use IP addresses in web browsers. You would
normally use the machine name, but you will probably need to
make some configuration changes to do this. You would expect
to use http://<servername> to reach your web pages from your
home computers.

There is a file called hosts which is in /etc on Linux machines,
which contains simple connections between computer names and IP
addresses. If you have only two or three computers with fixed
IP addresses, this is the easiest way to connect between them
using their names. On the Windows machine the hosts file is in
\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and works in the same way. Edit
the file with a text editor. The Windows one has a sample file
provided called hosts.sam, you can just rename it to hosts and
add any entries you need. There are example entries in the file.
You would need to do this on all of the computers which must
connect to your server, which is why it is only easy if there
are only a few.

And for some reason, now visiting in the Xubuntu machine to
"localhost" doesn't work. I must use

That may be your web browser. Does it try to find www.localhost.com?
If so, the browser is trying to be helpful, and there will be a way
to stop it. One of my browsers does that, but I never have time to
fix it. If that is what happens, then (the 'official' IP
address of localhost) should also work.

So the problem is this, The port forwading was ok.
Is this all normal? Or how to fix this, so I can visit using public

There is no reason that you need to use your public IP address
especially in this case when it may not be possible. The server must
have a fixed private IP address, and you can use that if you do not
make the configuration to use the name.

Even from outside, you would not usually use an IP address to connect
to a web server, you would do it by name. If you do not lease your
own domain name, the IP address is easier. Your public IP address
will have a name associated with it, but it may be very long and may
contain the IP address anyway.

Try the site http://grc.com and follow the links to the ShieldsUp!
service. On one of the pages you will see the name of your public
IP address with the message 'The text below might uniquely identify
you on the Internet' as if there was something bad about that.

ShieldsUp! is a simple but useful service which will run a basic
port scan of your IP address and tell you which of the common ports
are open. Or you can ask it to check one or more specific ports.
Sometimes this is the easiest way to test something new you are
trying. If you have a firewall running, it may send you a warning
message, as port scanning is something usually carried out by attackers.

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